Choosing the Best Driving School


Choosing a driving school for your teenagers is at least as important as choosing a day care for your little ones.   In Southern Maine there are now a host of driving school options.  In fact, most have sprung up within the last five years and offer the consumer a good choice with locations near you.

Considerations when in the market for a driving school are location, cost and reputation.  All Driver Education schools in Maine are state licensed, but that is where the similarities end.

To find a school near you is a great plus as classes are usually three times a week for three weeks respectively.  Once you have found a school near you, the cost is usually the next consideration. 

Pricing is certainly a factor to consider, but remember you are preparing your sons and daughters for a lifetime of safe driving and we want to provide them with all the best defensive driver techniques possible.

So, while a school may be cheap, remember what your parents taught you: "You get what you pay for."

There may also be specials available during typically slow times of the year such as during the winter, especially if you have multiple future drivers in the family.   

Reputation is a major consideration however, don't confuse this with popularity.  The most popular driving school may just be one that the kids think is cool because the owner throws a good party; it may not be the one with the best reputation or course curriculum. 

Ask questions.  Is the school state licensed?  How long have they been teaching Driver Education?  Do they invite you as parents to pop in to class as an observer or drive along with them?  Do you have a chance to meet and talk with the classroom instructor before class?  If there is a problem who do you talk to?  Do they offer private instruction or road test preparation? 

Most importantly, check the reputation of the owners   Are they a good example for your teens?  Do they practice what they teach or do they disregard the law in their personal lives?  In other words, do your homework Mom and Dad - find out!

Ask other parents for their opinions about schools.  Their opinions and recommendations are worth everything when it comes to your future drivers!

There are many things to consider.  Driver Education is Maine State Licensed and a program that your future drivers must attend and pass in order to achieve a permit before age 18.  Thirty hours of class time and 10 hours of actual driving is necessary and they will be expected to learn and perform the driving requirements associated with the permit. 

The difference is clear at Lanes Driving Academy -
We practice what we teach. 
Make your kids great defensive drivers, which in turn
Saves Lives!